Camile & Stefan by Fahad Malik

About two years ago, I met Stefan to do a surprise proposal for Camile. I remember just hiding behind a bush and just waiting for Stefan to get on one knee and propose to Camile, and once he did propose for her, I had a rush of feels for Stefan and Camile, their chemistry was absolutely adorable. I was so excited for them, that I was just eagerly waiting on when their wedding would be. 

Fast forward two years, and here we are! Going to Florida to be a part of Stefan and Camiles special day was one of the biggest highlights of this year because I was so excited to see Stefan and Camile again! As I looked back at the wedding pictures, I was completely blown away by how simple and unique Camile and Stefan are as a couple. They are like the Sun and the Earth, forever tied together in a dance across the universe, and its amazing to just watch them be adorable together. Camile and Stefan are one of those couples who share their love in so many ways that its not hard to see why they are just perfect for each other! I just cannot wait to see all the amazing things in store for you two Stefan & Camile, Thank you for having me be a part of your special day!