A Short Story About Me 

Hi, My name is Fahad Malik, and I am a wedding photographer. I am based primarily in New York City. 

My story started many years ago when I was just a child. I would always play with my fathers film camera and try to figure out how to look through the viewfinder and click that small circular button. I would anxiously wait until my dad would give me those prints. Looking at the images, I realized that I saved a part of history on a glossy 8 x 10 image. It was at this point I decided that every moment in life is precious.

Many years have passed since I first started taking pictures. In 2010, a very close friend of mine asked me to take pictures for his wedding. Little did I realize that it would lead me to a life of doing what I love, and preserving the most special moments in peoples lives. 

Today, I live everyday to stop time and remind couples of just how far they have come in their lives through images. I save a part of themselves to express my honor of being part of their special day. I think that memories are what binds humanity together. Every individual has a special part of their past they would love to live again. I will save that special part of their lives for them.